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Dual Personal Training
Nancy & Joe LoPresti
Dual Personal Training

"It's been 6 years now since Josh Itkor was recommended to me. My husband suffered a Traumatic Brain injury in 2006. He had finished Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy, but of course I knew that he had a far way to go and we needed a professional to help us. Though we started with Josh for my husband, I have received benefits far beyond my expectations. Although Josh needs to focus on my husband for safety reasons during our one hour sessions, he personalizes my workout during that time based on how I am doing and where I need to go next. He monitors my technique and keeps my success in mind. Oh, and by the way, he is one kind, understanding human being. Now I call him my friend." Nancy LoPresti

Battle Rope Exercise Personal Training
Scott Evans
Personal Training

"I have been working out with Josh for 2.5 years now. He is attentive to whatever injuries you may have and maintains the exercises that yield positive results. He also has helped me with my diet and personal fitness and blends that in to your own lifestyle. He is a great conversationalist and makes workouts fun and something to look forward to." Scott Evans

Modified Sled Personal Training
Paul McMenamin
Boot Camp

"What a great time it is at Boot Camp with Josh. It's early in the morning, but it gets my day started well and all that early exercise gets my metabolism up and humming all day. We run, we lift, we row, we joke, we crunch, we squat, we laugh, and we sweat. Everybody is good natured and can take a joke. Everyone works at their own pace and fitness level, but there is still some good natured competition. If you are looking for a great workout, with great people, in a great facility.... Then come for a visit and try us out." Paul McMenamin

Metabolic Assessment Weight Loss
Testimonial Nutrition Advice Personal Trainer
Alex Brannon
RMR Resting Metabolic Rate Test

10-25-16 --- Test Date

"Josh's RMR test taught me a few things A) my metabolism is basically normal which means that B) most of my issues are simple over eating and failure to control my caloric intake. Josh provided an easy to read and comprehensive break down of where I needed to be in order to see weight loss results without cutting down my intake to some obscenely low amount of calories based on my activity and exercise levels.  He also provided me with some tools in order to help me with discipline and a better way of tracking what I eat. This also helped me realize some things that were missing from my diet. I was somewhere around 212 when I was tested, and now, two weeks later, I am at 198. All in all, I have a renewed motivation to get back down to a goal weight and I have the tools and discipline necessary to maintain it without being in a constant state of deprivation or workout overload like I was in the past. Thank you Josh for the renewed motivation and confidence..." Alex Brannon

UPDATE 11-28-16

Alex has now lost 22 pounds and weighs 190!  Great Job Alex!

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