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Personal Training

1 on 1 with Josh

During your personal training session the focus is you. Josh will design a workout plan tailored to your fitness needs and goals. He will coach, motivate, challenge you, and make exercise fun.

1 on 1 Personal Training with a Personal Trainer

Dual Training

2 people with Josh

Save some money with a friend. Josh will be able to focus on your needs while training you and your workout partner.

Training partners in dual sessions develop a sense of camaraderie, motivate, and challenge each other.

Dual Personal Training with a Personal Trainer
Personal Training

Small Group Training

3 people with Josh

Save more money with small group training. It's similar to dual training, but with a little more healthy competition and motivation amongst friends.

Small Group Personal Training with a Personal Trainer

In-Home & Field Training

Depending on your goals and needs, Josh can train you at your home. If you do not have equipment, he can provide the necessary tools or help you acquire the equipment needed in order to give you a challenging and results oriented workout.


Some people, particularly athletes, may need training on the field for speed, quickness, and agility.

In-Home and Athlete Field Personal Training

Online Live Video Training

Online Live Video Personal Training

Improve or maintain your accountability, motivation, and coaching with Josh even when the distance is too great.

Online training also works well for those who live near Josh part-time. When in Hilton Head, train in person with Josh, when away train on FaceTime, Zoom, etc.

Josh will help you acquire the necessary equipment for your home in order to train online.

Senior & Geriatric Fitness

Senior and Geriatric Personal Training

As we age, we may be faced with various medical and orthopedic conditions. Josh has the knowledge and experience to help you safely prevent or navigate these issues while achieving your goals. He can help you with:


Fall Prevention


Improve Mobility

Daily Living Activities

Preserve Independence

Disease Management

Disease Prevention

Quality of Life

Maintain Muscle Mass

Mental Well Being

Resistance to Injuries

Sports Performance Training
Weight Loss and Nutrition with Personal Trainer

Weight Loss & Nutrition

No fad diets, food deprivation, or extreme diets. For most people, these types of plans are not sustainable. Josh will help you implement healthy, scientifically proven, lifestyle changes.  

You will learn:

  • Portion Control

  • The Caloric Value of Food

  • Healthy Eating

  • How to Eat for your Goals

  • How to Treat Yourself with Food

  • Enjoying Food at Social Gatherings

Sports Performance Personal Training

Sports Performance

Become Faster, Quicker, Stronger. Improve Power, Explosiveness, Agility, and Endurance.

After years of experience in strength and conditioning, soccer, martial arts, competitions, and tournaments, as well as the education required for Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Josh has the knowledge needed to help you achieve these crucial goals for your sport.

Disease Prevention

Exercise and Disease Prevention

Post Physical Therapy

Personal Training Post Physical Therapy

Although personal trainers are not physical therapists, they do bridge the gap between your exercise regimen after surgery and or physical therapy.


Josh has the knowledge to help you navigate these physical issues and safely achieve your goals. When needed, Josh will communicate with your surgeon or physical therapist in order to make sure your plan is designed properly while paying close attention to any medical restrictions or needs.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular exercise programming with a Personal Trainer

Whether it's for general health and fitness, weight loss, or sports performance, Josh will develop a plan specific for you. He will teach you how to implement your plan regardless if you exercise on a treadmill, bike, walk, swim, run, etc.


Some plans may require a heart rate monitor for a more systematic approach. This will help you exercise smarter and eliminate the guesswork. People using heart rate monitors see more results in less time. When using a monitor, your success and motivation will become self evident with data driven results.

Written Plan with Instructions

For people who do not workout with Josh 2 to 3 times a week, the written plan is your answer. Complete with instructions and pictures, Josh's plans are very detailed and specific to each person's needs and goals.

Written Workout Plan for Personal Training Clients

Youth Fitness

Youth Personal Training on Stability Ball


1 on 1 Personal Training Assessments
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